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The Solution

The Solution

The indicator is the Heart Rate Variability; this depicts what intensity of exercise is currently optimal for you.

Distributed throughout our bodies are sensors that report back to the heart.  This feedback ensures the ideal care of our whole organism. When the feedback is good, our heart rate adapts to the impulse of the sensors and our bodies become regenerated. The distance between our heartbeats can be short and then long, depending on what feedback the sensors give. However, if this feedback to the heart is poor because our body is exhausted, the sensors give little or no signals to the heart.  Therefore the heart switches to self-mode increasing the beats, without adapting to the changed conditions.

Details about HRV


If your heart rate is invariable, then this is due to the following factors:

  • You are exhausted from work or from training
  • You are over training
  • You are suffering from an illness or acute pain
  • You find yourself in extreme temperatures or are at high altitude
  • You are suffering from stress, depression, etc.
  • Your diet is unhealthy
  • You consume too much alcohol
  • You are not sleeping well


If your heart rate variability is high, then the following factors are most important:

  • You are regenerated
  • You are sleeping well
  • You are euphoric
  • Your diet is optimal
  • You are healthy
  • You are relaxed and comfortable

We have taken advantage of this mechanism by measuring the heart rate variability and derived from this measurement the regenerative status, the recommended level of training and the stress values. Previously this derivative was very time consuming and expensive, because people who wanted to know these measurements had to be connected every time to a stand ECG device. However through many years of research and development, we have succeeded in the advancement of a device for daily use: The Vitalmonitor.